About Silver Grass

Silver Grass grows rapidly 4 to 6 feet the 1st year and is a great new way to build a totally natural privacy border for your property that is fast, quick and easy to grow. In three years you will be on your way to a totally private yard. This grass grows thicker and thicker every year. Deer will not eat this grass. Rabbits will not eat this grass. Nothing eats this grass. Silver Grass is a hybrid grass that will not spread or be invasive. It stays where you plant it and is very controllable. Silver grass grows rapidly and reaches 14 to 16 feet in height after it reaches maturity in three short years. The grass is drought resistant and requires little maintenance after it is established. It gets a beautiful plume in October that gives off a silver shimmer. It is a sterile plant and grows only from the rhizome so you do not need to worry about it spreading everywhere. After the second frost the plant will turn golden brown, but it will stay standing all winter for a great snow/wind break. In the early spring you can cut off the old grasses and within a few weeks your privacy border will be back in full glory.